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Coping With Bigot

Suppose a bigot wished to organize a meeting in your neighborhood. Since we cherish freedom of speech, we are loath to deny the request, even if he preaches hatred. As a result, hate-mongers are given the opportunity to rent halls, conduct meetings, publish abusive literature, and solicit contributions. What can be done about them? One astute observer, Prof. S. Andhil Fieberg, advocates the “quarantine method.” His plan is to give you such groups no publicity and to ignore them completely. Without the warmth of the spotlight, he feels that the bigot will freeze and become ineffectual. Debating with such warped minds is not feasible and only tends to exacerbate the situation.

  • bigot – fanatik
  • Cherish – menghargai
  • loath – segan
  • preach – menghotbahi
  • hate-monger – penjual kebencian
  • abusive – kasar, menghina
  • solicit – mengumpulkan
  • astute – cerdik, cerdas
  • ineffectual – tak berguna
  • warped – terbengkokan
  • feasible – layak, dapat dilaksanakan
  • exacerbate – memperburuk



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