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Chimpanzees Are Surprisingly Smart

Washoe, the chimpanzee, has more than a veneer of intelligence; she can signal her desire to eat, go in or out, be covered, or brush her teeth. In addition, she can make signs for “:I’m sorry,” “I hurt,” “Hurry,” “Give me,” and a myriad  of other terms which are familiar to young children. This urbane  animal can indicate that she craves more dessert by putting her fingers together (“more”) and then placing her index and second fingers on top of her tongue (“sweet”). It is irrelevant that Washoe cannot actually talk. What is important, however, is the consummate ease with which she has mastered her daily assignment.

  • veneer- kesopanan, keramahtamahan
  • myriad- banyak sekali
  • urbane- berbudi bahasa
  • craves – mengharapkan
  • irrelevant- tidak biasa
  • consummate- menjadi lengkap/sempurna
  • ease – mempermudah



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