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An All-Round Man

The need for a decision came about when Monte was invited to join a prestigious summer stock company, starting in mid June. As a mature “apprentice,” he would be required to take tickets, paint scenary, prepare placards, assist with lighting, costumes, and props, and carry an occasional spear in a walk-on role. Since the company would stage five major plays during the summer, as well as a half-dozen shows for children, there was a chance that Monte might actually get a part before too many weeks had elapsed. In addition, he would be attending the drama classes which were an integral part of the summer theater. The remureration would be nominal but at last Monte Ziltch would be fulfilling a lifelong ambition.

  • come about – terjadi
  • prestigious – bergengsi
  • apprentice – murid magang
  • placard – plakat, lembaran di pengumuman
  • prop – tiang sandaran
  • spear – tombak, lembing, galah
  • integral – utuh
  • remuneration – gaji, upah
  • nominal – pada nama saja



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