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A Musical World

Music reached its pinnacle in the nineteenth century. Every leading nation produced its share of great composer. There was a bewildering array of national schools and musical styles as the once obscure musician came into his own. Music became a widespread and democratic art. The ardent music lover turned to Vienna as the music center at the beginning of the last century. However, Paris was not far behind, especially in the field of operatic music. As the century progressed, the Germans became paramount in the orchestral and symphonic music. The growth of German music can be said to have culminated with Ludwig van Beethoven.

  • Pinnacle – puncak
  • Bewildering – kebingungan, kekaguman
  • array – susunan
  • obscure – tidak jelas, kabur, tidak dikenal
  • ardent – bergairah
  • paramount – yg tertinggi/terpenting
  • culminate – mencapai puncak, memuncak



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