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A Better Way

Why is there any question about the propriety of hiring the physically handicapped? No one understands their needs can condone this attitude. The offering of employment should not be considered largesse. There should be no need to vindicate the hiring of a handicapped person. The only criterion should be what he is capable of doing. If this is the approach, the handicapped worker will not feel he is an encumbrance to his boss. The employer, on the other hand, will find it conducive to good work and will not repent his having tried something new just to mollify his conscience. Even for the most mercenary employer, there should be no reticence in eliciting the best that is possible from the handicapped worker.

  • propriety- kepatutan, kesopanan, wajarnya, kebenaran, kecocokan
  • condone – memaafkan, membenarkan, membiarkan, mengampuni
  • largesse- kemurahan, sumbangan, pemberian
  • vindicate- membela, mempertahankan, membenarkan, membuktikan kebenaran
  • criterion- kriteria, tanda, ukuran, norma
  • encumbrance – beban, rintangan, halangan
  • repent – bertobat, menyesali, menyatakan penyesalan
  • mollify- meredakan, menenangkan
  • conscience- hati nurani, suara hati
  • mercenary- tentara bayaran
  • reticence – keengganan, sikap diam



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