Terjemahan dari thrall
slave, gladiator, serf, bond, thrall, bondman
slave, serf, bondservant, bondsman, bondman, thrall
slavery, bondage, servitude, thrall, slavedom, bondservice
slavery, bondage, enslavement, servitude, serfdom, thrall
budak belian
slave, serf, bondsman, helot, bond, thrall
prisoner, captive, internee, captivation, thrall
thrall, domineer
enslave, enthrall, thrall, enthral
enthrall, enslave, thrall, subjugate, serve, wait
enthrall, serve, enslave, thrall, subjugate, wait
yg bersifat budak
bersifat hamba
yg bersifat budak belian
thrall, servile
yg ditawan
Definisi thrall
the state of being in someone’s power or having great power over someone.
she was in thrall to her abusive husband
sinonim: power, clutches, hands, control, grip, yoke, tyranny
  • power, clutches, hands, control, grip, yoke, tyranny
  • bondage, slavery, thralldom, thraldom
Most courts are still in thrall to local governments.
she was in thrall to her abusive husband
We want food freed from the grip of science rather than further in thrall to it.
Another is to suppose that those who disagree with us are in thrall to some evil power.
she was in thrall to her abusive husband
From the beginning his audience – and there was always an audience – were in thrall to his idiosyncratic and impassioned deliveries.
We live in a world dominated by the private sector and governments in thrall to it.
I believe that peasants should be bound to the land as unfree thralls who do the bidding of the freemen without question.
No, they would not allow themselves to become the helpless thralls of that traitor.
Having sloughed off the social illiteracy that was Marxism, after 72 years, western Europe is again inthraldom to the delusions of Jean-Jacques Rousseau.
Lowest in the social order were the thralls , or slaves.
Oppression in the ‘postfeminist’ U.S. can become a matter of nuance or hegemonic shading that reduces women’s better possibilities rather than violent thralldom .
The river maps the feudarchy of northern India, to which their lives are bound; but from the river’s culture, also, comes the expressive lyricism that redeems them, however temporarily, from theirthralldom .
Men, through ignorance of their real spiritual destinies, are caught in the thralldom of desire and pleasure, and as a consequence suffer pain, death and rebirth.
Council house sales freed hundreds of thousands from virtual thraldom , and her union reforms released untold numbers more from the iniquities of the closed shop and secondary picketing.
Later that night, the two flew into the village and laid waste to it, killing some people while makingthralls of others.



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