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story, tale, saga, episode, narration, legend
saga, tale, account
cerita lama kepahlawanan

  • The saga began two years ago when a swimmer died after hitting his head on a submerged post in the lake.
  • Later she was described as the only sane person in the whole saga.
  • a figure straight out of a Viking saga
  • The Minister’s gaffe came amidst a day of heightened pressure on all players involved in the saga .
  • And because the Internet is so amazing you can see the whole saga here with just one click.
  • Having heard the whole saga , I would not lay that charge at their door.
  • a figure straight out of a Viking saga
  • Remember last year, and the whole saga of the Vicarage being saved from falling down?
  • Thirty seconds into the additional period came what would be the turning point of the whole saga .
  • Indeed Mr Jones is right to acknowledge the impact the whole saga has had on staff morale.
  • At least one thing came out of the whole saga , and that was that I managed to write a post that brought people to my blog.
  • Instead, the whole saga was blown up by Microsoft’s PR machine to help them avoid paying the huge fine.
  • launching into the saga of her engagement
  • History will not be on Blair’s side, it will show that the whole saga is a great political scandal.
  • And so began a saga that involved the Rail Regulator and the Rail Passenger Committee.
  • the saga of her engagement
  • The saga begins in London with the American hostess Barbara Heinz inviting Dorrit to lunch.
  • The truth is that the Enron saga began in India many years ago, many years before I knew anything about it.
  • It’s fully revised, with a new chapter taking in the whole saga of his resignation and comeback.
  • An account of the sorry saga appeared in a Think Secret scoop last week.
  • I walked out thankful the whole saga was over – it is a very stressful time for footballers.
  • Here began a saga which though now resolved may yet have a sequel.
  • Their story, told in an Icelandic saga , neatly sums up the English experience of the Norman Conquest.
  • Despite all the heroic deeds in tales and sagas , a grown man would have seen a major conflict about once every twenty years.
  • Action continues throughout the week with battle re-enactments, living history, Viking walks, contemporary art, Viking sagas , the Long Ship River Challenge on the Ouse, and Viking markets.
  • Famous swords abound in the sagas , for example Grásítha (grey-sides) and Gunnlogi (flame of battle) in Gísla’s Saga.
  • Had Guo ever read the old Icelandic sagas , she would have found the scene toward the end of The Saga of Burnt Njal quite familiar.
  • Because if sagas make contemporary war stories pale into nothingness, the old fairy tales make contemporary horror seem like nice, sweet stories dreamed up by the boys at Disney.
  • I even read the Norse sagas and Icelandic literature and I love Celtic lore.
  • However, more recent research suggests that the Jomsvikings may never have existed as the disciplined guild of warriors portrayed in the sagas .



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