yg tak tahu malu
barefaced, malapert, conscienceless, shameless, unabashed, Machiavellian
tdk jujur
rascally, disingenuous, lip, crook, dishonest, Machiavellian


  • Yes, you can aspire to be as rich as Sugar but to get there you’re going to have to take a lot of flak, much of it in front of an audience of millions, while fending off the Machiavellian manoeuvres of others.
  • Here, of course, was a classic case of Machiavellian politics: the attempt to bend the will of the party to his view by fair means or foul.
  • As anybody who has read ‘The Prince’ knows, the true Machiavellian is one everybody thinks is a saint.
  • An accomplished Machiavellian , he used his ill-gotten wealth and his powers of patronage to outfox potential opponents and to keep wavering officials in line.
  • He is not a cynic or a Machiavellian in any traditionally understood sense.
  • This is not hypocrisy; merely the usual Machiavellian politics in action.
  • It is the classic of Holocaust-era anti-Semitism, portraying the Jews as a conniving, Machiavellian race, plotting how to gain power well beyond their puny numbers, through manipulation and money.
  • Reuther’s political success cannot be read solely in terms of Machiavellian politics.
  • Instead of performing as a pursed-lipped Machiavellian , she chooses to play an elegantly miffed Hedda, one who contemptuously, but resignedly surveys the people and setting of her life.
  • It must be realized, however, that the notion of Machiavellian intelligence was at that time still vague and ill-formed.
  • There are so many poignant lines about Machiavellian politics and acting that I might try out here, that remaining silent would probably be my best course.
  • The prologue to the play is spoken by ‘Machevil’, and Barabas is one of the prototypes for unscrupulous Machiavellian villains in later Elizabethan and Jacobean drama.
  • Moreover, the Machiavellian in me cannot help but wryly shake the head in perverse tribute to what the Cubic boys have pulled off.
  • But it is impossible to take the conspiracy theory seriously, if only because such Machiavellian treachery requires a degree of competence and organisation which ministers patently lack.
  • At best, bottle blondes are equated with an artifice – think Pamela Anderson, Melinda Messenger – and at worst, deceitfulness and Machiavellian scheming.
  • When we are told that the gods favour her for her ‘virtue,’ it seems that they are using that term in a Machiavellian rather than Christian sense.
  • But however astute or realist Burnham’s Machiavellian insight into power politics was, he rarely showed any capacity for canny negotiation himself.
  • Professor Burland has been working on the stabilization committee for the last ten years under all sorts of Machiavellian pressures and politics.
  • To the outsider, unfamiliar with the Machiavellian world of Olympic politics, Gadir may have seemed a surprising choice as his country’s IOC representative.
  • As political theorist Sheldon Wolin once characterized Machiavellian government, it promises the ‘economy of politics.’
  • A remarkable Machiavellian , Edmund sets out to redress that situation by turning his gullible, sensual father against his brother – with considerable, and terrible, success.
  • The Machiavellian Moment raised a thousand issues, settled two or three, and gave historians and philosophers a generation’s work.
  • ‘The council is organized purely to promote economic development and shouldn’t involve Machiavellian politics,’ KMT spokesman Wang Chih-kang said.
  • Or am I instead something more vicious – if I’m not a goober, than am I a Machiavellian , an accursed accomplice in horror, waiting to take my role as a future Heidegger?
  • Stella is in thrall, not only to her own irresistible infatuation, but also to a loveless marriage, the repressive conventions of the times and the Machiavellian politics of those around her.
  • Intimidated, insecure but alive to the bottomless depths of Machiavellian politics that holding down a senior job in RTE entailed, there were few RTE executives prepared to put their heads above the parapet.
  • In Sir Humphrey’s hands, Hacker is merely the ball in a Machiavellian game of political ping-pong.
  • Most of them, with Machiavellian cunning, were refusing to answer their telephones.
  • Nancy Reagan was reviled as a Hollywood airhead until she was reviled as a secret Machiavellian .
  • By 1971, Leider was burnt out from the intense, Machiavellian politics of the New York art world.



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