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heresy, heterodoxy, lie, falsehood



  • The trials of Jesus echoed the criminal procedures of English heresy trials.
  • Huss was burned for heresy
  • The film comes close to reviving the old Monophysite heresy – as if Jesus is totally divine in nature.
  • But why does it have to be political heresy to go the whole hog?
  • Even if this isn’t heresy , it’s bad news for women’s claims for equality.
  • The hounding out of heresy , whether religious or political, is always a symptom of instability in the state.
  • There is neither harsh injustice nor unprincipled love nor
  • Christological heresy in that; there is only unfathomable mercy.
    In 2000 it was considered economic heresy to contemplate a breach of the stability pact.
  • Arguably, the avoidance of passive secularism led to my own eventual entanglement and heresy trials.
  • the doctrine was denounced as a heresy by the pope
  • To say that the value of gold was an exception would be considered heresy by him.
  • Hacking out at the Old Course is the ultimate heresy .
  • That rejection soon led to the Monophysite heresy , which lives on to this day in the Coptic and Ethiopian churches.
  • the heresy of being uncommitted to the right political dogma
    Indeed, they are so against the conventional wisdom that they might be termed heresy .
  • That we can still think of wringing out a song from all this is worse than heresy , blasphemy, sacrilege.
  • Suppression of the movement in Bulgaria intensified after a 1211 synod condemned the heresy .
  • In March 1638, after a heresy trial, the clergy excommunicated her.
  • To say, in our culture, that I have a good rhythm and balance in my life with work and activities is almost heresy .
  • Some of you have noticed that I’ve just committed heresy and contradicted doctrine.
  • We believe that Christian Zionism is a Christian heresy – it is really misinterpreting the Bible.
  • To our historicist age, Hildegard’s Christian Platonism may seem the ultimate heresy .
  • Augustine spent more than thirty years combating heresy , writing commentaries and interpretations of Christian theology.
  • Most religious cults do teach what the Christian church would declare to be heresy but some do not.
  • I know that’s heresy , but there is a treacly quality to so much of the talk about King and his dream that it is like an overdose of candy.
  • cutting capital gains taxes is heresy
  • The existence of actual witchcraft required the taint of Christian heresy .
  • Galileo was charged with heresy by the Christian church for having the temerity to suggest that the earth went round the sun.
  • the doctrine was denounced as a heresy by the pope



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