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strong, robust, solid, firm, intense, cogent
reasoned, cogent
yg meyakinkan
conclusive, convincing, persuasive, cogent, potent, positive


  • He said local officers have not been able to obtain cogent evidence to pin suspects to the four offences.
  • Each position was made more powerful and more cogent by the strength of its opposing view.
  • The case for war has not been presented using any cogent and compelling arguments.
  • Readers who care enough to email me with a cogent and considered response will, of course, always be taken seriously.
  • By contrast, I found his evidence on value to be somewhat more cogent and convincing than that of his opponent’s.
  • I am grateful to them for their clear, cogent and candid submissions.
  • He further submits that where such evidence is disregarded the judge must give clear and cogent reasons for doing so.
  • Given the scope of Internet use by the general public, this is no longer a relevant or cogent argument.
  • The judge rejected that argument in a cogent and wholly convincing judgment.
  • The reasons given by the Court of Appeal for that factual conclusion were cogent and compelling.
  • A stay will not be granted, unless there is cogent evidence that the appeal will be stifled.
  • There are a number of cogent arguments against fur that do not require descending into this kind of bigoted sophism.
  • There is certainly no cogent case to be made for uniformity through the United Kingdom.
  • This is something I’ve been thinking about for awhile now and hopefully it comes out somewhat coherent and cogent .
  • The content was clear, neither overwhelming nor confusing, and the arguments were cogent .
  • His writing is lively, his arguments are cogent , and the scholarship is wide ranging.
  • Some of what it has produced does sound frightfully cogent for a non-human product.
  • Our role is to work with the farming and fishing communities to make a cogent argument for these peripheral areas.
  • His cogent case for being nice to our fellow Europeans causes me to ask one question.
  • Posturing is in fact all it is, in this case posturing for want of a cogent argument.
  • Their basic message that peace and security depend on just economic and political practices continues to have cogency and power.
  • If you’re going to defend the program, this is what you’ve really got to defend, because this is what scholars most commonly and cogently criticize.
  • The submissions made to us do not reach the minimum cogency required to persuade me that we should direct a re-hearing of the issue.
  • The validity of a viewpoint seemed to hinge on the author’s pedigree rather than on the cogency of his argument.
  • The author cogently notes that these aims are contradictory – sympathy tends to unify the public; criticism divides it.
  • The activist has cogently pointed out anti-democratic aspects of corporate power and government operations for almost half a century.
  • If this post lacks my usual cogency and clarity, let me know.
    It was replete with mathematical formulas and stated his case with a rare cogency and persuasiveness.
  • As he has cogently argued, there are also strong voices in the administration urging military action.
  • Although aware that the next budget will be an election one, the economists argue strongly and cogently for a fiscal tightening of about 0.5% of GDP.



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