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Terror in the Cemetery

I like to bet on anything that is exciting, so when my friends tried to tempt me with an offer, I took it. The idea was for me to spend a frigid December night in a cemetery, all alone, in order to win twenty dollars. Little did I realize that they would use dirty tricks to try to frighten me into abandoning the cemetery, therefore losing my wager.

My plan was to recline in front of a large grave, covered by a warm blanket, with a flashlight to help me cut through the dismal darkness. After midnight, I heard a wild shriek. I thought I saw the grave open and a corpse rise out of it! Although I was somewhat numb with fear, I tried to keep my senses. Using good judgment, I knew that no peril could come to me from that sinister figure. When I did not run in terror, my friends, who had decided to conceal themselves behind the nearby tombstones, came out and we all had a good laugh. Those spirits that may inhabit a cemetery must have had a good laugh, too.

  • tempt- menggoda, mengumpan, membujuk, menguji
  • frigid- dingin, berhati dingin, tidak ramah, tidak bersemangat
  • recline- berbaring, bersandar, menaruh harapan
  • grave- kuburan
  • dismal- suram, muram, sedih
  • shriek- jeritan
  • corpse- mayat
  • somewhat – sedikit, agak
  • numb – mati rasa
  • peril- bahaya
  • sinister- seram, jahat, yg mengancam/beralamat buruk
  • conceal- menyembunyikan, membungkus, merahasiakan
  • inhabit – mendiami, menghuni



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